Multipack MCP200

Flexible packaging machine for medium and high output ranges for fully automatic packaging
of bottles or cans in sleeves.

Machine Features

  • Machine speeds up to 240 packs per minute
  • Fully automated inline-operation
  • Different formations and bottle types (optional)
  • Steady and gentle transport of cardboard blanks with spindle magazine
  • Gentle handling of products
  • EAN - Code cover optional
  • Compensates the tolerances of the bottles with
    a special chain system and gluing of the packs
  • Can handle flip-top bottles



Versatile machines - easy operation. Our software makes it easy to operate complex machines and meets all the needs and expectations of our customers:


MCP200 | MCP200 Tandem up to 240 packs / min. | up to 480 packs / min.  
Size of products Ø 55 - 70 mm, height 85 - 270 mm other sizes upon request
Sleeves 2x2 | 2x3 | 2x4 | 1x2 | 1x3 | 1x4  
Dimensions of machine 5.000 x 1.850 x 2.860 mm (l x w x h) not including conveyors