Multipack MCP200 FEC

Flexible packaging machine for medium and high output ranges for fully automatic packaging
of bottles and cans into sleeves or fully enclosed packs (use of flat blanks).

Machine Features

  • Machine speeds up to 170 packs per minute
  • All pack types are produced from flat blanks
  • Fully automated inline-operation
  • Steady and gentle transport of cardboard blanks with spindle magazine
  • Gentle product handling
  • Compensates the tolerances of the bottles with
    a special chain system and gluing of the packs



Versatile machines - easy operation. Our software makes it easy to operate complex machines and meets all the needs and expectations of our customers:


MCP200 FEC Speed depends on the type of packaging used  
Size of products Ø 55 - 70 mm, height 85 - 270 mm other sizes upon request
Sleeves up to 160 Packs / min. 2x2 | 2x3 | 2x4
Fully enclosed pacs up to 160 Packs / min. 2x2 | 2x3
Dimensions of machine 10.000 x 1.850 x 2.860 mm (l x w x h) conveyors not included