Multipack MCP30 Combi

Flexible Packaging Machine for the fully automated packing of bottles or cans at low speeds. Packing of bottles or cans into sleeves, baskets or fully enclosed packs with up to 30 packs per minute. Designed to be used in re-packing lines, inline or offline. Short changeover times. Additional packaging-types and -sizes can be retrofitted. A versatile machine for many different use cases.

Machine Features

  • Can produce carton sleeves, baskets and fully enclosed packs on one machine
  • Machine speeds up to 30 packs per minute
  • Inline and offline-operation
  • fully automated operation
  • small footprint
  • highly flexible, fast format changes, ideal for a re-packing line
  • different formations and bottle types
  • additional bottle- and packaging types can be added easily
  • Compensates the tolerances of the bottles with a special chain system and glueing of the packs
  • can handle flip-top bottles
  • orientation of flip-top-bottles optionally possible
  • EAN - Code cover (optional)
  • Machine can be upgraded later
  • integrated line-divider


Versatile machines - easy operation. Our software makes it easy to operate complex machines and meets all the needs and expectations of our customers:


Size of product Ø55 -70 mm, height 85 - 280 mm other sizes upon request
Sleeves up to 30 Packs / min. 2x2 | 2x3 | 2x4 | 1x2 | 1x3 | 1x4
Baskets up to 25 Packs / min. 2x2 | 2x3 | 2x4
fully enclosed packs up to 25 Packs / min. 2x2 | 2x3 | 2x4
Dimensions of machine [mm] 3.000 x 1.400 x 2.860 mm (l x w x h) not including conveyors