Special solutions – the efficient answer for your special requirements

More than 70 years of experience with cardboard packaging and a wide range of products make us the prime address for demanding tasks. Our team of experts will handle the whole process for you - early concepts, pilot machines and the final production machine. Fast, efficient and reliable.

Box erector

Packaging machines for the high-precision forming of boxes from flat blanks in all speed ranges. Depending on the required speed, intermittendly working machines or continuously working machines can be used. Speeds of up to 200 packs / minute. Optionally, we also offer equipment for filling and closing of boxes.

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Box closing machine

Steplessly adjustable packaging machine for the closing of topload boxes with attached lid and three flaps as well as Z-click-boxes. Speeds of up to 180 packs per minute.

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Automatic magazine feeding

Format adjustable high speed magazine feeding machine. Automatic magazine feeding for endloading machines. Up to 650 boxes per minute can be loaded into the magazine.

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Inlay Former

Machine for the erection and locking of cardboard inlays. Works with flat blanks or preglued inlays. Speeds of up to 200 inlays / minute. Inlays are erected, locked and placed into a feeding system or a box.

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Multipacks for the dairy- & food-industry

Our MCR Multipackmachines are reliable packaging machines for plastic cups - connected or single, one or two layers - packing up to 400 packs per minute.

Many well-engineered machines with a high availability and reliability are running around the world. Our machines are upgradeable and adaptable over their whole lifetime.

You can use packaging material from any producer to give you a competitive advantage.

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Special solutions

We design packaging machines that fit your special needs.

Our long experience allows us to quickly translate your requirements into a reliable and efficient packaging line that works from the first day

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