Intelligent, simple software

Versatile machines - easy operation. Our software makes it easy to operate complex machines and meets all the needs and expectations of our customers.

By combining PLC-programming and desktop applications we enable the use of PC-software for data acquisition and analysis. Our machines can be adapted, upgraded and updated over the whole usage period - just contact us.

Features operation / software:

  • Simple operation through an intuitive HM-Interface
  • Many unique operating modes (synchronous inching mode, inching or target positioning of all servo-drives, manual functions for all actuators)
  • Easy localization of machine errors on HM-Interface
  • Extensive functions for error analysis
  • Automatic logging of changes in machine-data
  • Output of machine-data as formated PDF-documents
  • Automatic periodical storage of machine-data to a network drive (if ethernet connection is available)
  • Preventive maintenance of pneumatic / hydraulic cylinders by monitoring of cycle times
  • Direct access to the complete documentation on the HMI
  • Guided digital format change
Our software makes even complex machines easy to operate and leaves nothing to be desired.